Welcome to Dr.rer.nat. Körner Lasertechnologie!

We are a small, start-up company founded in 2019. We are based in Sangerhausen, a small town in the center of Germany near the Harz-mountains. Our mission is to provide highly innovative technologies in the field of diode pumped solid state laser technology, be it measurement tools, laser systems or specifically designed optical systems for high power laser beams. Our current range of products also includes a nearly wavelength independent beam profiler, the KLT-UBP.

Though we are still a young company, we can look back on more than one decade of experience working in the field high energy class diode pumped solid state lasers, spectroscopy of laser materials and optical system design. We are specialized in particular on highly efficient lasers based on laser media doped with ytterbium ions. To get an overview of scientific work of our founder Dr. Jörg Körner you can visit his profile at Google Scholar (external link).

For all laser developers we provide a free of charge data base that allows you to quickly review the essential absorption and emission cross-section data for various solid state laser media. Our interface allows you to quickly switch between datasets from different publications and see the influence of temperature and polarization, if according data is available. We continuously work on expanding our database. For this we need your help: If you want us to add your measured data to the database, please contact us for how to proceed. Besides helping people in need for such data, you can gain additional visibility of your work, as all datasets are presented with a link to the according publications, making it easy for people using these data to add an according citation in their work.